Professional Chefs Prefer Ceramic Knives

Ask any professional chef why they use ceramic knives in the kitchen and they’ll probably tell you it’s the superior sharpness. Ordinary steel knives tend to dull quickly, requiring frequent sharpening. The process of sharpening releases numerous tiny metal shavings that can contaminate your food. Ceramic knives on the other hand stay sharp for much longer because the ceramic blade is much harder than even high-carbon steel. In fact they’re almost as hard as diamond!

Ceramic Knives Keep Your Food Fresh

Chefs also understand how knives affect food purity. Fruits like apples and avocados brown 10 times slower when cut with ceramic knives versus steel knives. This is because the steel accelerates the process of oxidation of your food. All living cells contain complex systems of antioxidants to prevent chemical damage to the cells’ components by oxidation.

Raku Cutlery’s Knives Maintain Flavor

Not only will ceramic blades slow discoloration, they will also avoid tainting the taste of your food. If you slice a tomato with a ceramic knife and follow it with a steel blade, you can actually taste the difference between the two slices from the very same tomato. Acidic fruits and vegetables react with the metal ions in a steel knife, causing changes you can actually taste.

These are just some of the reasons that most chefs as well as many traditional Asian cultures, including Buddhist Monasteries always keep ceramic knives on hand in their kitchens.

Our aim at Raku Cutlery is to create nothing less than the perfect ceramic knives that blend function and longevity with affordability and comfort. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Just take a look at some of our many glowing testimonials below…

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Why You Should Choose Raku Cutlery Knives


  Thicker, Stronger Blade than Other Brands
  Handle Allows Full Contact with Cutting Board
  2 Year “No-Questions-Asked” Warranty
  Gorgeous Gift Box
  Exceptional Sharpness
  Keeps Your Food Pure
  Lightweight and Balanced


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The 5″ Ceramic santuko knife has anti-stick grooves on the blade which reduce the need to wipe food slices off the blade while slicing and chopping.


Ceramic knives will never rust or corrode, even with prolonged exposure to water, salt, oil, or acidic foods.

2 Year Warranty

In the unlikely event that a knife malfunctions or breaks in 2 years from your purchase, we will send you a brand new set!

Razor Sharp

Raku’s Ceramic Knives are razor sharp and stay that way! Ceramic is closer to diamonds than high carbon steel in hardness, so our ceramic knives remain razor sharp even after months of heavy use.

Preserves Purity

Keep your food pure. Did you know metal blades chemically change your food? Metal causes foods like apples and avocados to brown 6-10x faster than our ceramic knives.


Our ceramic knives are lightweight, comfortable, and balanced in your hand.



Stephanie Powers

“I went into my recipe pretty skeptical of ceramic knives, but I was really, really happy with the way the Raku ceramic knives sliced and diced smoothly through all the fruits and veggies. They are super duper sharp and they shaved through the tomatoes without mashing them at all like my steel knives are sometimes prone to do. Since they’re made from ceramic, they hold their edges much better and are said to be much harder than metal knives.”


Naomi Wade

“I’ve long been skeptical of ceramic knives that claim to stay sharp forever. I’ve spent a lot of money on very high quality Japanese knives and I assumed I’d never find something that so much as held a candle to them.

Well, Raku, I was wrong. I’d been searching for a Santuko knife – I already have an 8″ Santoku and I wanted a smaller size, since I’ve grown to prefer this shape over a classic chef’s knife. At this not-to-be-beat price, with a gorgeous, gift-worthy box, I decided to try the Raku ceramic knives. And I love them. They are crazy sharp.”

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Create the Purest Meals for Your Family

Superior Sharpness
Keeps Food Pure
Long Lasting
Full Blade Contact with Cutting Board
Anti-stick Grooves
2-Year Warranty

  Oxidation of Food
  Weak Breakable Blade
  Affect Food Flavor
  Dulling Blade
  Crushing Soft Foods
  Metal Shavings in Your Food
  Rust and Corrosion

Raku Cutlery Deluxe Ceramic Knife Set

Perfect for your kitchen as well as a great gift, this 2-piece knife set includes 5-inch Santoku and 3-inch paring knives with ceramic blades. The 5-inch Santoku is ideal for a wide variety of cutting tasks, from fine chopping to dicing and paper-thin slicing. The 3-inch parer is designed for effortless peeling, cutting, and shaping fruits and vegetables. These premium knives come packaged in an elegant black presentation box that will Wow the chef or food lover in your life.

Deluxe Ceramic Knife Set

5″ Santoku & 3″ Paring Knife Set – by Raku Cutlery


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